8. Privacy: The Producer deals with the collection, security, quality, use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“the Act”) and the Privacy Policy referred to below. 

(a) Privacy Authorisation and Consent:

(i) I hereby authorise the Producer and any person designated by the Producer to investigate, access and collect information about me, about any of the statements made by me in my application, any supporting documents and any other documents that I have signed or provided or do sign or provide in connection with my application to be selected as a participant in the Program, or any other written or oral statements I make in connection with my application (and whether by on-line submission or disclosure, or otherwise). I irrevocably authorise the Producer and any person or entity designated by the Producer to secure information from my associates, friends, family members, educational institutions and any references I have provided, and I irrevocably authorise such parties to provide information concerning me providing such provision of information complies with all relevant laws. I agree to provide the Producer, and sign a written authority if required, with any specific authority to obtain information about me from government agencies, medical providers, employers and other organisations or providers relevant to my application for the Program. I hereby unconditionally and irrevocably release and forever discharge the Producer, the persons or entities designated by the Producer, and all such parties and persons from any and all liabilities arising out of or in connection with any such investigation. I specifically authorise investigation of my employment records, medical records and government records and criminal records unless prohibited by law. I acknowledge and agree that any such information obtained by the Producer or by any person or entity designated by the Producer pursuant to this paragraph or otherwise may be used for purposes of selecting participants in the Program or other programs, internal administrative purposes concerning the demographic and performance of individuals interested in appearing on TV programs, and may be described or otherwise related in and in connection with the Program. 


(ii) Without limiting the forgoing, I authorise and consent to the use of “personal information” (which may include “sensitive information” (each as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth))) given to the Producer or collected by the Producer, in determining my suitability for the Program (including by way of disclosing such information to the Broadcaster) and to the use of such information in researching and producing the content of the Program and other programs (including but not limited to content related to my background and participation in the Program).